Clementine Strain review & Information

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Clementine Strain is bred by Crockett Family Farms. It combines Tangie X Lemon Skunk, to deliver a tangy citrus blast that distinguishes it even from other orange-inspired strains on the market. Crockett Family Farms is based in the US and are responsible for Tangie and Strawberry Banana, but have over 150 other strains in their genetic library.  Clementine […]

Divine Storm Strain Review

Divine Storm Cannabis Strain legalcartsstores

Episode 19 in our 2020 Strain Review series features Divine Storm Strain, bred by In House Genetics. However, in House Genetics is a US-based seedbank specialising in microgrows, bringing new and exciting genetics out each month. Also, their other strains include Dolato, Cactus OG and more, and their tagline is “Breeding the future”. Visit their […]

Buy Different Types of Cannabis Products Online

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Buy Different Types of Cannabis Products Online So many options when you are buying cannabis products online. Think back to the very first time you smoked marijuana. You probably remember the burning throat and the inability to assess for how long to hold onto the smoke … Ah yes, those were the days. However, the […]

Best THC Cartridges On The Market 2020

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Best THC Cartridges 2020 by greemindpharmacy As cannabis utilization keeps on ascending during that time in the U.S and around the globe, the strategies for utilization are developing and getting all the more imaginatively productive as years pass by. One famous approach to devour cannabis without smoking dry blossom is with a battery-worked vaporizer, which […]

Edibles Dosage Guide

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CBD edibles dosage are an ideal intake method if you are searching for a risk-free, consistent, and resilient experience. Proper dosing is crucial to ensure that your experience satisfies your expectations. We put together a basic overview so that you can better understand what to expect from different doses. The very first step with edibles […]